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How high can YOU Count?

4,962,571 A new children’s book by Trevor Eissler.

Inspired by the bold, daring challenges children set for themselves in Montessori classrooms, 4,962,571 is the story of a boy seized by the idea of counting to one particularly large number.

With a “Note to Parents” on the last page explaining some of the principles of Montessori education, this book is perfect for introducing parents in your community to Montessori.

Fundraise for your school

1. For Montessori schools ordering 10 or more copies, the bulk pricing is $10 per book and shipping is waived. Resell to your community at a price of your choosing.

2. Between now and April 30th, each time anyone orders a book at retail price through MontessoriMadness.com and emails your school name and address to me, I will send a $10 check directly to your school. So Tweet, post, blog, and email the website and book information to your school’s parents and the wider community!

by Trevor Eissler

for ages 3-8

Available at MontessoriMadness.com


"This book delightfully captures the Montessori goal of children not only coming up with questions on their own, but also figuring out how to answer them. Zach’s curiosity and inventiveness, as well as his joy in his self-directed learning, are true hallmarks of Montessori education..."—Marcy Krever, American Montessori Society

"An out loud reading of 4,962,571 should excite your child’s mathematical imagination...Ruth Chung’s illustrations delight the senses... 4,962,571 may be one of those books that you read with your children 4,962,571 times!"—Maren Schmidt, author of Understanding Montessori

“This inspiring, beautifully illustrated book takes us on a wondrous exploration...Kudos to Trevor Eissler for bringing his contagious enthusiasm and possibility to the world of children's literature. Buy this book in bulk...you'll want one for every parent, teacher, and child you know.”—Julia Volkman, columnist, Public School Montessorian

"A 'wonderful' book, Eissler has captured the innocence and wonder of a child's sense of discovery. Parents reading this story to their children can prepare for an onslaught of questions like, 'How many of these make that?'"—Jim Fitzpatrick, Founder and Head of School, Santa Barbara Montessori School

"Trevor Eissler has hit another home run! I wish that all parents could understand the natural desire to improve oneself and the role of self-motivation that is exhibited in this story."—Mark Berger, Executive Director, Montessori School of Lake Forest

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